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MELLERIO, the famous jewelry house, and ROOS & ROOS unveil their exceptional fragrance, a blend of two precious knowledge.

It condenses the quintessence of nonchalant elegance, flirting with a rose that dares to blossom under an Italian glow.


Fruit of the aestheticism of master perfumer Dominique Ropion, Couleur Vendôme is a macroscopic immersion in the Monterosa Rose, restoring all its tonalities right down to its wilting. A modern olfactory alchemy, he has polished with orange blossom, a Mediterranean bud prized by the Princess of Neroli (17th century). The Italian inspiration thread its way through the composition : Florentine iris, spices exploring Venice and its stalls and the distinctive rosy-red light that shimmers in mythical places, from place Vendôme to La Scala. Dominique Ropion has sculpted nature in a totally reinvented, textured rose with a glamorous vegetal petal.

Do you know how many olfactory molecules Rose is made of?

No fewer than 300 olfactory molecules make the rose a dream material for the perfumer.


For Couleur Vendôme, I started with a Turkish rose, an LMR molecular distillation with a persistent, planty freshness that 's quite unexpected because it has no beeswax facets. I chose to set it with Orange blossom, an unusual duo. Although they have molecules in common they rarely rub shoulders with each other. What guided me? Gathering the vitality of a Mellerio jewelry piece from which a fantasized Eden emerges. I would say the wild rose is the central element, like a monumental stone in a fine jewelry creation. Everything around it, its ambery, spicy character, takes on different colors, bright or muted, to color it, to highlight it in all its splendor. »


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